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Wear a mask, get vaccinated Strategies: Solutions for Discipline, Behavior, Teaching and Effective Classroom Management. Teaching Students to Behave and Learn

Are Your Discipline Strategies and Solutions Outdated? Students Disruptions and Classroom Chaos Means Yes!

Our Strategies Ends Disorder, Changes Behaviors, Restores Teaching and Learning In Classrooms .





Clemtec, Inc.

We Provide Strategies and Effective Solutions for Student Discipline, and Disruptive School Behaviors


Changing students behavior requires strategies, skills, and effective solutions

We develop strategies for educators and schools whose students' disrupt or hinder classroom education. What ever your discipline needs, or classroom problems, we can help you.

Let's talk about how we can solve your discipline problems. We deliver behavior changes you can see, and results you can't stop talking about. contact us, use our free consultation.


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Schooler: the Mule with a Diploma


" Discipline is more than simply asking someone to obey you, its teaching others to control their own behavior, respect them self, and display acceptable conduct. Discipline provides meaningful behavior and solutions any time, any where for any student" - Dr. J T Clemons



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