" If your knowledge and discipline grows with the strength of an oak, your mind will be grounded to withstand the problems of life". Professor Clemons.





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Solutions for Student Discipline and Effective Classroom Management


Motivation Get you Started

Determination Finish the Journey



Inspiration Motivates You To Succeed


Inspiration is the start of any task. But, it is only the start.

Being motivated and determined to complete the task is the reward.

Follow nature's example of motivation, determination, and success.

A small acorn grows and becomes a mighty oak. It allows winds to blow through branches and ruffle its leaves; but its roots are deeply anchored. Leaves may be lost and branches sometimes bend, but the tree stands. Through strong winds and raging storms anchored roots are determined to hold, succeeds, and survive. Learn from an oak.

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“ Motivation is a cause with a consequence that provides a remedy.”

-Dr. J T Clemons



"Motivation is a small acorn but wisdom is a mighty oak" ."


Motivation Success


“ A remedy is a solution to a problem wisdom solved.”

-Dr. J T Clemons









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