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Gov. Youngkin: Virginia's Disaster for School Children, Progress, and the State


How Racism, Lies, "RAD"and Politics Reduced Common Sense in Virginia



Gov. Youngkin apes Trump. Rolls back Virginia's Progress. "Policy" stupidity comes to Virginia.


Glen Youngkin has only been Governor of Virginia for a few months and already he is a national horror story. His inexperience and limited thought process was obvious in the first few days when he put children's health at risk. His true self and trump like viewpoints are wide open. Like most "RAD" (Republicans against democracy, ) he is in the middle of his "roll back commonsense policy and democracy initiative"

“ A lie is fast,false,and frequent, but when truth come,a lie withers like the grass in winter, while truth stands tall and grows strong like a mighty oak ."




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Critical Race Theory Myth

School Gun Violence Issues

Virginia's Progress Rolled Back


Worm in the apple