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Solutions to Student Discipline and Effective Classroom Management


Correct Strategies Produces Visible Change

Different Behaviors Require Different Discipline Strategies

Need Discipline Help?


1. How do you handle the school bully if it's your own child?

2. How do you prevent disruptions, and motivate disruptive students?

3. Name five strategies to change unwanted behavior

4. Explain how you handle mass assault

5. How do you discipline cyber bullies?


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Questions Students Ask

“ Discipline and punishment are not the same,don't confuse the two. Students know the difference. "

Questions Teachers Ask

Questions Parents Ask

“Your realistic goal is to discipline a student to change his behavior, and teach him responsibility, not to punish him to make him obey. "-Dr. J T Clemons

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the bully

Discipline Helps Learners

Strategies Means Success

Bullying Is Dangerous

Disruptive students stop the learning process. I-AERI provide strategy to allow the process to continue.

I-AERI benefits teachers and students.

Teacher's Statement

"I let the kids act out. I just taught those who wanted to learn. I was a disgrace to the profession. I just wanted my check. Thanks for the "verbal mirror"

Teachers with discipline strategies and behavior skills help students.

Learn about us, services , benefits. and success then

Student's Statement

" Because of your students question section on your web site, I no longer bully or beat the younger kids. Thanks"

Bullying and social media can push students to suicide. Learn symptoms of social bullying to save a life.

More bullying at bully depot and bullying consequences at behavior. See

Anti Bullying Message

Parent's Statement

" I knew my son was a bully and acted out. I wanted to blame someone else for his behavior. I did not want to face my responsibility. Single parents make that mistake" Thanks for the advice.