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Bullied Children Show Signs of Victimization. Fear,Isolation,and Behavior are Early Warnings


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"Bullying is persistent unwanted aggressive behavior, stopping it is a solution"


How to Recognized Bullied Children?

No single trait will allow you to identify bullied students. However, there are ways, signs, and actions that alert parents of a possible bullied child. Before making suggestions on how to recognize bullied children; it is important to know how bullies pick their victim.



How Bullies Pick Their Victims

There are characteristics that bullies look for in selecting their victim. Generally, bullies look for potential victims who appears weak, insecure, cautious, small in size, and often appears to have low self esteem. Sometimes bullies will pick the new kid in school regardless of size or characteristics. Some times these new kids are isolated from peers, and may be limited in social skills. Victims do not defend themselves against bullies and are considered students who are different or don't fit in the bully mind set.


What Bullies Look For In Victims


Bullies make most decisions spontaneously, but they are motivated by three very distinct characteristics. First, bullies look for victims who are different, and second victims who appear weak, and finally students who appear to be alone, isolated or non social. Children who appear weak, defenseless, or display an inability to stand up for them selves are attacked by vicious bullies as iron to magnet. Children who appear weak are the preferred target of most bullies.


10 Useful Signs To Help Recognized Bullied Children


Characteristics by which bullies select their victim are "different and weakness". Parents should pay close attention to any child who may appear different physical or from birth defect. There are ten signs parents should be aware of to help determine if their child is being bullied.



1.New or unexplained injuries--Bruises, cuts, swellings,or scratches should be the first things parents notice.


2.High number of sick days--Children often do not want to go to school if they are being bullied . They prefer to pretend sick. Sickness are short lives if the child is granted permission to stay home.


3. Disappearing items--Disappearing jewelry, electronics, clothes, and money are signs that a child is paying "bully ransom" to a bully. The bully is requiring valuable item from a child who is intimidated and in fear of a violent reaction.


4. Change in eating habits. or appetite--If a child who does not eat much, suddenly needs more food to take to school, he may be replying to "bully orders" Also, if a child's attitude changes, and he is never hungry, he may be suffering bully complex.


5. Isolation--If your usual outgoing child remains at home and withdraws from friends and others, he may be suffering from peer isolation,or trying to hide from a bully. Sudden isolation is an early warning sign.


6. Difficulty Sleeping--Bully intimidation is a stressful event for students. They often think about it in silence. Parents are seldom told about bullies but they realize something is wrong with their child. Bullied children have difficulty sleeping and often have dreams of harassment when they do sleep. Children have sleepless nights because they subconsciously fear the possible intimidation of bullies the next day.


7. Grades Decline--There are reasons why students grades decline. When bright, conscientious, academic orientated students grades decline for no apparent reason, get suspicious. If they cannot provide a reasonable explanation for grade decline, look for bullying. There may be other unseen factors,but bullying is a strong suspect.


8. Self Inflicted Injury--Bullied children are often made to feel worthlessness. Students have been known to cut ,injure, deface, or bruise them self in various ways. One of the more serious self injuries is suicide or attempts to commit suicide.


9. Avoidance Syndrome--When children are being bullied they sometime try to avoid the bully. They try to avoid school by deliberately missing the bus. cutting classes, pretending sick, and sometimes try to transfer to another school. They will often ask for a ride to school rather than take the school bus or walk a different route if they walk to school.


10. Suicide Prone-This is perhaps the most dangerous of all signs. Students talk about ending it all. Some say no one loves them, think they have no friends , they are ugly, useless, and no one likes them. Children in this group are often worried, depressed, stay in their room and often are sad and tearful. These are warning that a child may be a victim of cyber bullying. Bullying on the internet repeatedly by several people, who often make untrue,distasteful, vile comments often personal. Generally, the student is unaware who is posting or making the degrading comments for all to see. Cyber bullying can and have led to suicide.



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Below are common traits that appeals to bullies, and results in children becoming victim of aggression.