"Bullying is persistent unwanted aggressive behavior. Stop the bullying."



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The Secret of the School Yard Bully


The Bully's Secret

Every bully has a secret. He wants power, control, and recognition. That's his secret. The desire for recognition is strong in human life. For a bully, recognition and power of any sort is important and uplifting--even if negative.


The Bully's Behavior

The behavior of a bully is a problem for the bully himself. He, like most bullies will do whatever is self-serving--even if wrong. He is willing to overlook morals, compassion, or even the law if he can achieve power and recognition.


The Heart of the Bully's Secret

The heart of the bully's secret is to dominate weaker individuals and boast his own self esteem and ego. By bullying others, he believes he is in control. In the mind of the bully , he has elevated himself when others recognize his deeds, call his name, and appear to fear him. A bully often confuses fear and intimidation with honor and recognition.


The Bully's Mind

Being aggressive disguises a bully's own weakness. For him, it hides his desire to be powerful, respected, in control, and most importantly to be loved. Bullies think they are having fun harassing, dominating, and hurting others. They believe they have achieve their desire when they feel powerful and in control. When a bully is bullying, he feel a sense of greatness. The problem with this feeling is his ego; he is delusional of his self importance.


A bully experiences a "power thrill" when being aggressive, which is often short lived. He will find another school yard victim to revive that feeling. The secret of every bully is his longing to be wanted, his desire for recognition, and a yearning for control, and power.

No one likes a bully,but everyone likes to see bullies "put in their place". Every child has a right to fulfill his academic potential without bullying."


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" Education should not only change behavior, it should teach you how to think and apply the tools of life for a successful future. Anything short of that could be called educational failure."

-Dr. J T Clemons