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The Message

"If you want to wander aimlessly in life, any road in the wilderness will take you somewhere, but if you have purpose and a goal, knowledge and wisdom will lead you where you want to go." -Professor Clemons

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"I don't care if you don't like today, learn what you need for tomorrow" -Dr. J T Clemons



CEO's Message


Clemtec Corporation is progressive and innovative. Teaching and learning are crucial elements to education, but they are irrelevant if leadership is missing, and classrooms are so disruptive you can't teach.


Our responsibility is to understand educational issues, provide discipline management strategies, and influence student behavior. We know strategies, innovations, and discipline helps change students and reduces "school drop out rates.


We are particularly concerned about students, their education and safety during this Covid pandemic. Our children need to be protected and in school. Getting fully vaccinated and wearing KN95 masks will help all of us reach that goal.


For us, our highest priority is a child's need. Our goal is to solve problems and provide solutions that makes differences in the lives of students. We are committed to changing behaviors, improving environments, and providing knowledge and scholarships to "overlooked students" without publicity or fanfare. For 56 years, we have provided strategies and solutions that solve educational issues. A child's need (student) has been our priority since conception and it still is today.


"Motivation will jump start your battery, but knowledge and wisdom will keep it charged".-Dr. J T Clemons


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