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Solutions for Safe Schools, Student Discipline and Effective Classroom Management

I-AERI Learning Environment Inspires Student Success

I-AERI changes attitudes and behaviors making teaching and learning effective and environment stress free.




How Can I-AERI Help and Benefit You


I-AERI can:

* 1. Prevent potential discipline problems

* 2. Provide solutions to disruptive learning environment

* 3. Eliminate reoccurring behavior issues

* 4. Anticipate backlash situations

* 5. Redirect negative attitudes and actions

* 6. Improve student negative communications

* 7. Change the conduct outlook of students

* 8. Improve achievable goals for students

* 9. Re-new student learning interest

*10.Support strategies that are student teacher orientated.


I-AERI applies discipline strategies to conduct to correct behavior, improve academics, and educate students.






How I-AERI Help and Benefits Teachers:

I-AERI provides:

*1. Customized student discipline strategies

*2. Up to five months Strategy consultation

*3. Updated behavior seminars

*4. On-site training

*5. Provide visible solutions and guidance

*6. Increases student achievement

*7. Motivation and Inspiration



How I-AERI Help and Benefits Students

*1. Changes negative attitude and outlook

*2. Improves academic performance

*3. Open "civil" lines of communication

*4. Demonstrate the value of discipline

*5. Becomes self motivating

*6. Focus on graduation and career

*7. Stay in school and graduate



Clemtec's CEO addresses education, discipline, diversity, motivation, race, social views, and student issues. Book our CEO as speaker.


" If you can't help a student, get him someone who can, the question is not are you popular with students, the question is can you get him some help that will educate him for the future."

-Dr. J T Clemons