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Covid variants are dangerous, wear a kn95 mask! Solutions for School Safety, Discipline Strategy, Student Behavior,Teaching and Learning,and Effective Classroom Management

Schools Open,Covid and Omicron Variants Deadly. Wear KN95 Masks. Get Vaccinated. Stop Spread.

Don't Spread Infections to Children

Wear kn95 Masks. Get Vaccinated. Vaccines are available for Students





students wearing mask in class to prevent coronavirus

New discipline and behavior strategies required for students in covid virus environment


Students Again Faces Difficult School Days in 2022


Omicron, and variants are deadly viruses mutated from Covid-19. Students returning to classes face difficult decisions. Behavior Strategies are necessary for re-adjustment, safety and student achievement. Clemtec Corporation Services Schools and Educational Institutions throughout the Nation and desires everyone be safe. Vaccines are now available for students, teachers,and children,please use them. We request school officials, parents, and health care workers take all precautions for the protection, health, and safety, of students. The lives and well being of our children are more important than the whims of selfish politicians, deniers of health science, or the ignorance of a single individual. A child's safety is the heart of every parent.


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"Unless innovations changes or improves the lives of people, its just another word. Educational innovations should provide solutions you need any time, any where for any student" - Dr. J T Clemons


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