"Schooler advises students each day to stay in school, stay away from drugs, guns, alcohol, bullies, and trouble and use their time wisely to study,learn,and succeed."



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Making a Difference In the Views of Children on Education

Providing Advice and Guidance for Children's growth, and Success



Schooler: the Mule With A High School Diploma



Schooler Explains Why Education Is Important


Educational is the foundation for what you want to do in life. Acquiring knowledge allows you to strengthen your foundation.

You are not born educated. Education is a learning process. It is knowledge acquired throughout life by reading, thinking, teaching, and experiencing issues of life. With education and opportunity, you can fulfill your dreams. Schools are designed to prepare you for that task. A desire to learn and an opportunity to attend school should never be denied students. The reason for such an opportunity is simple, every child deserves an education.


Schooler Tells Children What to Avoid


Children need to avoid the dangers of temptation and the ills of society. That means staying in school while staying away from drugs, alcohol, guns, trouble, and people who want you to do whatever is wrong.


Schooler Says Education Makes A Difference


Education is a way forward, and schools make that possible. We must educate every child regardless of life's circumstances. To have students who are drop outs, put outs, suspend outs and left outs is not a solution to anything. Too many students without education or productive skills find themselves drifting toward a life of crime for survival. Education can change that. Education can open a child's mind and introduce him to thinking, new ideas, and fulfilling possibilities. Education changes a child's life, and school is the place to start.


Schools provide opportunities for learning regardless of where individuals comes from, what they know, what they looks like or the language they speak. look at me. Can you imagine all the laughter and ridicule I went thorough when I went to school. Who ever heard of a mule going to school to get a diploma? I didn't let that stop me. The opportunity was there, and I was going to get my diploma. Schools educate children, we realize its value, and every child deserves an education. Stay in school. Get what you deserve. Get an education. If a mule can do it, so can you.


Love my diploma,



Be stubborn about school. Stay there until you get your diploma.-- Schooler the Mule schooler the mule-"


Questions Students Ask


" Education should not only change behavior, it should teach you how to think and apply tools, skills, and knowledge to life for a successful future. Anything short of that could be called educational failure."

-Dr. J T Clemons