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“Stay In School

Knowledge Is Everlasting”



Stay in School, Acquire Knowledge, Your Future is Important


Knowledge is best acquired in the classroom , not in the street or suspension hall


School Is a Privilege.


We strives "to keep students in school, off the streets, out of trouble, out of jail, and to graduate"



Stay In School


The entire staff of Clemtec Inc. daily encourages students to stay in school. Today's culture requires innovations and a solid base in education. Teaching and learning are crucial elements, but they are insignificant if classrooms are troubled,disruptive, and students are not there.


Some students have no school to learn in, other students have schools but will not go. No student deserves to be without an education. Their future is tied to knowledge , and their success directly or indirectly depends on it. Education is no longer just a key to success, its the entire framework for your future. Get an education, stay in school.


Stay in school!!! --some students wish they had your choice


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