Corporate : Protect our children

Regional :  Be safe (customer service)

Disciplinarian's Tips, Tidbits, Tactics, and Tools



If your child's routine suddenly changes, and he is sick often with no real symptoms, observe him. If he finds a reason not to go to school, check his behavior. These are often early warning signs that he is being bullied at school


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1. Check and See that your child is safe and secure at school. Bullied children often do not tell teachers, parents or other adults.


2. If valuable items disappears when your child goes to school,talk to him. He may be a victim of a bully bribe.(paying a bully not to harm him.)







Teachers are responsible professionals, but they need help. Help teachers by making sure your child is not being bullied nor is he the school's bully.





Disciplinarian's Message:


Undisciplined Children Are Not "Cute"


Parents must stop letting children rear them. It is our responsibility to rear our children, not let our children rear us. If you allow children to be the adult and give them permission to rule your life,--they will. The disruptive, undisciplined, and destructive things they do are not cute. The tragedy is realized when you finally decide to regain your parental responsibility and be a parent. Then it is too late, the damage done by undisciplined, none-caring , destructive children is irreversible. You refused to see the early warning signs and rejected your responsibilities. Now you realize, undisciplined and "out of control" children are not cute. "You can give undisciplined children what they want, but eventually you will realize guidance and discipline is what they need".