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What To Do If Your Child Is A Bully, Even a Girl


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"Bullying is persistent unwanted aggressive behavior, stopping it is a solution"



What To Do If Your Child Is A School Bully?


What do you do if your child is a bully?. No parents want to realize their child is the school's bullies, but when faced with that reality, thy must accept the facts and change their situation. There is no single solution for dealing with a bully. Bullying comes in various formats, types and styles, and a bully fits in one of them. Generally, a bully will fall in one of the three broad categories of bullying--that is, physical bully, verbal bully, or social medial bully. How you resolve your child's problem, depends on the type of bullying exhibited.


How Does A Child Become A Bully?


Children are not born bullies. However, some start bullying practices in elementary school without realizing it. The kid who hit someone and run and think its funny is bullying. A child who pulls the little girl's hair and denies doing it is starting. The students who pushes some one and they fall and hurt themselves, and he says he's sorry is bullying. These are early acts of aggression, that escalate and increase in intensity and repetitiveness unless checked and corrected. Failure to correct and stop early acts of aggression in elementary school allow children to move on to middle school with these practices. In middle school earlier school practices take on more intensive acts of aggression and abuse.



How To Help Your Child Not Become A Bully


Bullies are motivated by a desire for power, recognition, respect, and what they perceive as the absence of love. Parents should review these traits with their children, and always make sure children know they are respected and loved. In addition it may be wise to let your child know that "Power" is temporary but respect can be everlasting. Let you child know bullying is wrong and is not a desire of respected people.



Actions to Take If Your Child Is A Bully


If you believe your child is a bully,there are things you can do. We cannot not provide all the actions that should be taken. Nevertheless, a starting course of action is as follows:


1. Confront your child-- Assure your child he is of dignity and respect and you love him. However, Let him know being a bully and bullying is wrong. Ask how he acquired the habit and why he does it. You may not like his answer, but you must ask


2. Confirm bullying Immediately-- if you have factual data ,admit your child's ill behavior. Do not become a "parent of denial". Do not let any bullying behavior go undressed. Don't become a bully yourself , in correcting bullying behavior. Be a parent with a plan for correcting a problem.


3. Self Analysis-- Physical confrontation is not the only way to stop bullying. Teach your child to display respect. Many bullies have no self respect, therefore no respect for others . Ask yourself, did your child acquired his bullying practices from the actions and deeds he witness at home?. Are you the model for your child's bullying practices?


4. Guidance Strategy--Find out what's bothering your child. Bullies are generally depressed or emotional in some way. It could be feeling useless and unloved, or a desire for power and recognition. It might also be they were bullied, and now they are retaliating out of emotional or psychological pain. Silent fear and pain can create a bully. Devise a strategy for a child who is a bully.


5. Parental Overview

1.Remaine calm- -tell your child you know he is a bully

2. Offer help--Tell your child how you will help him change

3.Dont get emotional--explain to your child don't bully him

4. Make your plan clear--speak clearly and give examples

5. Show parental control--set and establish actions to follow

6. Don't be remiss--monitor your child's action

7. Be pro active--Stay in touch with the school and guidance

8. Be Anti-bullying --don't allow physical, mental or social abuse

9. Reclaim your child--make him your child not your bully


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Bully Tips and Bully Emergency.


Bully tips are trends and tactics used by bullies. Bully Emergency is a danger warning. Bully emergency suggest possible lost of life. Always take appropriate action. Book mark this page.




Warning: Bully Emergency


Emergency: Food allergies have produced another form of bullying called,"Food Bullying." Some bullies are placing peanuts in the path of allergic students. They are placing peanuts and peanut substances (hulls, shells, dust, even peanut butter) in lunch boxes, desk, food products, lockers, cafeteria trays or any place they can to watch reactions from allergic students. This is cruel and dangerous be aware.