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Solutions for Student Discipline and Effective Classroom Management


Making a Difference in Children Lives

Developing Academic Potentials



Interactive Reminders of Discipline



Teacher Discipline Interactions


1. Talk with your colleagues about how they handle discipline or student behavior

2. Invite parents of disrupting students as classroom observer where possible

3. Check students reading ability-poor readers sometime act out to hide limitations

4. Check to see if student is disruptive for attention or is it a cry for help

5. Have serious one on one discussions with students whose conduct is extreme

6. Determine if students personal or domestics issues contribute to their behavior

7. Remind students of their importance and classroom behavior

8. Make sure your action is for discipline and correction and not punishment

9. Always keep discipline in perspective, corrective behavior is the goal

10. Never have isolated discipline discussions, if a student is violent



Clemtec Behavior Suggestions:


a. Review Clemtec's "7 Key Mistakes Teachers Make in Discipline"

b. Review discipline strategies with a colleague

c. Involve parents early about disruptive students

d. Review reasons disruptions occurs in your classes

e. Teach students disruption is unacceptable and has consequences

f. Confront undisciplined students, be firm, fair, calm and constructive

g. Set limits, apply consequences that work to correct discipline issues

h. Keep an accurate record of behavior and all attempts at correction

I. Review your school's policies, rules and regulations,city ordinances

J. Keep detailed records of your actions, parental contact, and supervisor updates

k. Update your administration and supervisor as needed

l. Review weekly what worked or did not work in your classroom.

m. Keep all lines of communication open to all parties



The Environment


Environment is important in classrooms. Misbehavior stops learning, but skilled teachers redirects unwanted behavior and education thrives.


Teachers Make A Difference


Good teaching fosters knowledge. Teachers thrives on the idea of making a difference in the lives of children. They change behaviors and provide learning for everyone.

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