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Critical Race Theory Creates Unnecessary Problems for School Administrators. Political-sizing Education Is Troubling for Teachers

Educators worry about "new" politics in education, and problems students face.



Teachers Ask:


Q: I am a teacher and I have enough problems with the opening of school, the lingering pandemic, and new measure to improve testing and implementing the curriculum. Now some parents and conspiracy theorist have introduced a new racial element to the already problem laden educational system. This new unnecessary problem is called the "Critical Race Theory" a problem educator did not have, and should not have now. But some uninformed individuals who probably never taught a class and certainly not classes have created a foolish problem for teachers that only misinforms parents and detracts from the essential education of children. What is your reaction?


A: If you would leave teachers alone and let them do what they do best--teach, perhaps some of our children might be better educated. No myth advocate and conspirator knows what a child needs for his educational growth and development, that task is the responsibility of educators, and left to the wisdom of classroom teachers. Skilled, professional educators aid in developing children's minds and knowledge five days a week, and are better judges of a child's need. In the very near future , we will post a series on critical race theory, its origin, development, history, and distortions by conspiracy believer and those who have a hidden agenda. Their agenda, motives, and desires are not good for the education of our children.










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