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Bullying is dangerous,stopping it is a solution.

Bullying is Dangerous, and Cyber Bullying Can be Deadly


Cyber bullying is one of the most dangerous forms of bullying for children as well as teens. It can cause a life to be lost.



Cyber bullying is uniquely dangerous in that it is negative public communication with a hidden face. In cyber bullying, the internet, smart phones, and various forms of social media are aggressively used to insult, taunt, embarrass, misrepresent, threat, or belittle another individual with devastating results. Even if you are suspicious of an individual or group, proof is difficult. The anonymous nature of this type of bullying increases threats,danger, fears, and emotional stress. Daily threats and aggressive messages via social media from numerous and anonymous individuals have forced several teens and some adults to end their life.



“In some cases, an aggressive child may be seeking love and attention. He uses bullying tactics to get attention, never realizing the love he seeks dissipates because of tactics he uses and the behavior he displays.”


Clemtec's Founder