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Solutions for Student Discipline and Effective Classroom Management

boys rough housing in the floor

We were completely out of control

until Clemtec's I-AERI System ended our disruptive behavior.


Why should we change our disruptive behavior, if there are no consequences for our actions or deeds?


Clemtec's system changes student's behavior. "I-AERI" strategy helps students and teachers achieve desired results.


when you need solutions to classroom disruptions, student behavior, and discipline problems, call us. We solve problems from school disruptions and limited achievements to classroom environment and school yard bullying.

“You will never stop me from teaching, and I will never let you stop learning"

Questions Students Ask

"You can give disruptive students what they want, but eventually you will realize discipline is what they need"

-Dr. J T Clemons


I-AERI Changes Behavior

Discipline Motivates Students

Bullying Is Harmful

I-AREI provides:

  • 1. order and not disruptions
  • 2. education and discipline
  • 3. strategies and solutions
  • 4. teaching and learning
  • 5. benefits and success
  • 6. knowledge and respect
  • 7. motivation and graduation




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Bullying causes:

  • 1. suicide and attempts
  • 2. depression and fear
  • 3. stress and violence
  • 4. school drop-outs
  • 5. poor academics
  • 6. hate and conflict
  • 7. Isolation syndrome
  • 8. low self esteem
  • 9. mental instability

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