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Questions About Bullying, Gangs, Students, and Services

answering questions for students

"If you fail to ask questions, knowledge will continue to sleep." - J.T. Clemons




Frequently Asked Questions:



Q: Can your company stop violence in schools?

A: No. We are an classroom discipline strategy and behavior solution service company. Violence prevention by its definition is not our goal. Our system and strategies reduces hostile behavior , changes environmental conditions, and prevents some acts of violence. Total elimination is never assured.


Q: Can you help teachers with several disruptive students in the classroom?

A: Yes. Most disruptive classrooms have several students requiring discipline management. Clemtec's I-AERI strategies are designed to solve multiple behavior problems.


Q; Are girls allowed to participate in the male maturity guidance program?

A: Yes. Although specifically designed to help male students, girl may participate.


Q: What makes Clemtec different from a traditional educational resource?

A: We are a discipline management and behavior solution consultancy company. We specialize in the seven problem areas of education that others often avoid. diversity, identity, race, gender, culture trends, cyber bullying, and motivational behavior.


Q; How can I reach "Questions Teachers Ask"?

A: Send questions to.-"QTA",QPA or QSA, See contact for details.


Q: Are motivational speakers available ?

A: Yes, speakers are assigned as requested. Request for the CEO requires early booking.



Q: Can you help over-aged students, behind in grade level?

A: Yes: Forward Now and HIM services address these issues. Learn more at services.


Q: A website promised to provide us a review about your company for a fee. Why do you sell your information.?

A: We do not sell any information about us. IT IS ALL FREE, from us, or partners,or legal staff, or public records. 55 years of effective business speaks for itself. Anyone selling information about us is a scam . DO NOT PAY for what you can get free. Beware of sites selling information about businesses. Often information is inaccurate. Scam artist are out to acquire money at your expense. BE AWARE


Q: You are not on social media ,Face book, Twitter, U Tube, Etc. Why?.

A: We are not on social media sites out of policy and discretion.

Clemtec is not on social media at this time. We are reviewing ways to make a social presence without violating a "discretion clause" in our contract. Schools having student disruptions and behavior problems limit publicity of their situation. Troubled schools are not welcoming to parents or communities. To publicize a school's problem, and what we are doing to solve it, would expose our clients. Our "discretion" clause requires us to honor specific requirements of schools

Be aware of Social Media misuse or misrepresentation by individual with a hidden agenda.






Q:Is the Hard Mr. "C" poster available for classrooms?

A: Yes. the poster is available in desktop, (8x11) or display sizes.(18x24)

Q: Where does the line, "... I will never let you stop learning" come from?

A: The highly quoted line is from the book, Classroom Discipline for Terrified Teachers by Professor Clemons. See Hard Mr. "C"



Q: Will Clemtec provide support for teachers struggling with difficult students?

A: Absolutely. We support teachers. We want teachers and students to succeed.

Q: Can teachers receive follow-up help from Clemtec ?

A: Yes. Once we resolve problems for teachers or school, we are available. Teachers may contact us with questions. We may require school code or identification for verification




Q; Can Clemtec provide help to students who want to drop out ?

A: Yes. See our drop out prevention program and other related services on our service page.

Q: Will Clemtec evaluate discipline and conduct problems in a single building or classroom ?

A: Yes. Single building service is the most requested service. Services are generally requested by administrators in schools with teachers who have limited discipline management strategies,student behavioral problems, and need help.


Q; How are Clemtec services provided ?

A: All services are arranged by contact and provided under contract. Travel to your location is paid in advance. All other terms and conditions are in the contract with your school.






Q:Will Clemtec solve gang disputes?

A: No. Gang solutions is not our focus or area of expertise.

Q:Will Clemtec teach educators gang signs and recognition?

A: No. Gang culture is best taught by your local police gang squad.

Q;Will your company remove gangs from my school?

A: No. Clemtec has no administrative authority in schools.

Q: Can you stop gang violence.?

A: No. Student behavior and "gang violence" are two different items.



Q: Can your company conduct a bullying workshop or in service for schools?

A; Yes: We conduct workshops on bullying .We hold a national bullying conference every two years.

Q:Will Clemtec discuss female bullying in schools?

A: Yes. Our CEO is often called to addresses bullying in todays' culture.

Q:Can you address social media bullying?

A: Yes. We discuss and illustrate various types of bullying.

Q:Will you address bullying in relation to gender identity?

A: Yes. Gender identity is sensitive in schools. We address identity issues as well as effect.

Q: Does bullying really lead to suicide?

A: It may. According to researchers including psychiatrist and mental health professionals;

bullying is a form of aggressive mental and physical harassment and may push some students to suicide.




Q: Can your help teachers who have a racial or negative attitudes about minority students?

A: Yes. We conduct workshops and sensitivity training for teachers who may possess a bias,

stereotypic philosophy, or racial attitude and actions.

Q:What are some requested speaker topics?

A: Motivational, school bullying, discipline solutions, disrespect, gun violence, esteem, identity , behavior, racial issues, cyber harassment, negative attitudes, and misplaced values are the most requested.

Q: Can you discipline students who use control substances?

A: Depending on the substance. Substance abuse specialist are required in these cases.