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"The needs of students are not what you think they should be, but what they actually need to compete globally and be successful "


Author,educator,motivator, and chief executive officer

Leadership,Vision, and Innovations, Makes the Difference in Discipline Strategies and Student Success.


Wisdom is not knowing what you know, but learning what you don't know, and teaching others all that you can to make a difference. -- Clemtec's CEO


Dr. J.T Clemons Inspirational Motivational Speaker,

Committed to Service and Education for Students

Chief Executive Officer

J T Clemons is an educator, motivational speaker, author, and CEO of Clemtec Incorporate. He is a recognized master of classroom strategies and discipline management. With five decades of educational experience, he has addressed discipline and educational issues across the globe.


As a student at NCCU, he tutored and mentored middle and high school students who were under exposed in education, undisciplined, ill prepared, and reluctant learners. Faced with this reality, he devised ways to change the outlook and education of under exposed students. He was convinced that education should meet the needs of all students.


After receiving his masters degree, he went to Africa to study, in pursuit of a Ph.D. His post graduate studies and innovative ideas convinced some educators and institutions to try new strategies and methods for educating students. His message to students was, "What ever your circumstance, you don't have to accept the condition. Change your situation." "As long as you can blame some one else for your circumstances, you are crippled --blame becomes your crippling excuse".


As a teacher, he fought to stop students from falling through the cracks of education. As Dean of Students,He developed sound alternative educational practices that improved discipline and reduced student suspensions in public schools. His innovations resulted in uninterrupted education, better discipline, and changes in behavior and suspensions.


For schools with increasing suspensions Professor "C" told administrators, putting students "out of school as a solution to discipline did not solve discipline problems."Using suspensions to solve discipline problems,, when more effective solutions were possible was counter productive. Students need to be enrolled in school to acquire a useful education. Unnecessary suspensions,denial of education, and abuse of suspensions intended use,can only produce negative outcomes and contribute to criminal behavior, financial limitations, and increased incarceration".


As college professor and mentor, he told present and prospective teachers, "effective teaching is not about a title you have, but the job you do". "A title does not make you a good teacher, and a degree does not make you an expert; but imparting knowledge and skill in educating and changing the behavior and attitude of those you teach makes you a good educator."



As CEO, he is determined, "to keep students in school, off the streets, out of trouble, out of jail, and to graduate.



Professor Clemons is a recipient of North Carolina Journalism Award and an inductee in NCCU 's prestigious Society of Golden Eagles. He was awarded the All City Teaching Team Award. He serves on advisory boards for public policy,community action,federal education projects, and economic and domestic programs. His work in education led to a charter member of FAACHE with president Lyndon B. Johnson


He holds several scholarship keys and is a member of Phi Alpha Theta International Honor Society. He has received numerous honors and awards. His credentials includes three college degrees, intensive disciplinary experience, Dean of Students, reading supervisor, college educator, administrator, business executive, behavior specialist and decades of teaching experience. He is also a member of several professional and culture organization and a frequent attendee at the Hampton Ministers Conference.



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