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Media Praises Clemtec's Innovative Strategies (The quiet company with the caring heart)




Since its web launch in 2000, has been in the forefront of behavior innovations. They have been featured in the Observer, the Times, Tidbits, the Gazette and Discipline Education as a discipline and motivational consultancy to consider. Discipline Journal called Clemtec's approach,"an innovative strategy to behavior and discipline management, with realistic solutions... ."


Clemtec Provided Educational (monetary)Help to Students for AAHM

Clemtec gave education awards to first year college students, and scholarships to first year community college students for African American History Month. Clemtec set the number at 30 for students in Hampton Roads Virginia. African American first year college students were given a $200 education award to use for anything related to education. Students were selected for the awards on quality standards, and recommendations by members of various churches in the student's community. First year community college students were given the Elias S. Gibbs Scholarship. Scholarship students received $1,200. They were also recommended by a church member. Funds were to be used for education.


Clemtec Providing "Mini" Scholarship and Greater Funds in 2022

Clemtec announced it will provide mini scholarships to students who may miss time out of school because of Omicron or Covid. Mini scholarships will go to students who did not acquire full scholarships and need financial help. Mini scholarships range from $500-$1,500 dollars.



Clemtec Deploys Staff to Advance National Summer Learning Program. Program designed to Help Students who experienced educational disruptions during the Pandemic.


On June 1,2021 members of Clemtec's staff were deployed nationally to assist students and schools in the summer loss learning program. A program idea of the Clemtec Corporation to help all students this summer free of charge. It is designed to make up for learning disruptions or information missed from lack of in person learning during the pandemic. 12 staff members were made available to cover the lower 48, each one-responsible for four states. In addition three administrators are on stand by to cover Alaska, Hawaii, and the District of Columbia. The company's organization and assistant will end at the end of June. By policy and regulations, all Clemtec staff go on holiday the entire month of July,and will not return or be available until August 7.


Clemtec, Inc. Scores Another National Hit for Students


With most reports, evaluations, and comments in as of the due date( Monday July 19, 2021) Clemtec Corporation can take an educational bow. The quiet, innovative, no fanfare discipline and educational consultancy scored another hit with its national free summer learning program. The idea of the program was simple. To get as many schools and educator who desired to participate to volunteer their services,skills, and space to students for 4 to 6 weeks to allow students to make up for any interrupted or loss learning due to the pandemic. The program removed the major stumbling block for most students --Money. The summer learning program was absolutely free. The reports are in, It was a success.



Clemtec Donates $10,000 to Scholarship Organization


Clemtec Corporation donated $10,000 to the almost centennial Tux Club of Virginia. The Tux Club Inc. is a non profit organization that provides scholarships to college bound students ,as well as mentor, tutor, and provide school supplies and culture experiences to disadvantaged students in public schools.


A Clemtec spokesman, said the "CEO was impressed when he learned the work The Tux Club was doing with disadvantaged youth, as well as some attending STEM (science, technology, pre-engineering, math,) Academy of Campostella (a public school in Norfolk, Virginia) he donated $10,000 to the club for their High School Scholarship Program for college bound students."


The Tux Club Inc. announces and presents Scholarships to winning recipients at its Annual Scholarship Banquet each January



stem academy

Clemtec to Increase Scholarship Contribution for 100th Anniversary of Tux Club,Inc.


The Tux Club,Inc. awarded scholarships to joyful recipients at its Annual Scholarship Gala Presentation. Clemtec's CEO who was an invited guest witnessed the impact of the club's work and the scholarships the young college bounds students received. Some of the club's mentored students were also invited and were impressive to the audience. The impact and influence was visible in the young men they mentored.

A school administrator praised the club's mentors for their dedicated work as well as the achievements of the young men. It was obvious all evening that the work the Tux club does in schools and communities is effective. It can be said, the Tux Club Mentoring Program makes a difference in the lives of students.


In celebrating the Clubs 100th Anniversary , Clemtec's CEO increased financial scholarship support to that organization. He was deeply impressed with the club's mentoring program which provides mentoring, guidance, academic and culture programs for young males.


Clemtec plans direct scholarship campaign in 2021 (after covid-19) .