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Clemtec Corporation has a strict privacy policy for handling customer information. The information you provide to us is confidential and protected. Clemtec, Inc. will not disclose, sell, share, or distribute customer information to third parties for any reason. We do not partner with any ad agency or their representative. We will disclose information to governmental authorities conducting an investigation when required by law, or to protect us against unauthorizes use of any part of our website., All explicit federal and state written laws will be followed.


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Policy Statement

Clemtec Corporation respects the privacy of individuals who visit this site or request our services. Our privacy policy is simple. We will not share, sell, or discuss our customer's personal information with a third party. We do not partner with ad agencies. All Clemtec policies are incorporated in this statement. By accepting these terms, all site visitors consent to the use and disclosure of your identifiable information as described in the Privacy Policy. The information collected on this site will be used only to provide the services you have requested. The only information we collect includes your name, address, phone number, email or school email, school information and school verification code number, and type of service requested. We do not maintain a database of any type of customer information for sale, exchange or profit.


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