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Questions Students Ask


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Students must attend school without fear of gun violence or being shot. These are not books!. Students cannot read or write with these.

What can be done to stop school gun violence, shootings,Uvalde,TX Robb Elementary, and students fear,--republican's only care about blocking gun laws, not saving children's lives.


Anti Guns in School


We have run this page and message everyday for 4 years to advocate students' safety and protection. We will continue to do so until congress acts to pass gun legislation or gun restrictions that protect students.



Students Ask:


Q: I am back in school now ,but I still feel unsafe. Two shootings just before school opened did not put my mind at ease. What can you say to ease my fears?


A: We answered that question for a frighten graduating senior previously. We do not believe anything has changed. Congress refuses to take any action to improve gun safety, or remove the proliferation of guns in society. We have reproduced part of the answer we gave to her below.



Students should never go to school and be shot. They do not enter school houses to hear bullets whistling through classrooms. No student should ever have to run for his life, step over the body of a friend, or wear home the spattered blood of a shot classmate. Students should not go to school and be worried about dying from gun violence. They go to get an education, not to be victims of a massacre. Mothers are tired of shedding tears, and fathers are tired of trying to hold themselves together while they try to console family members, knowing that a child has been taken in a senseless school shooting. Students want adults to stop the madness of school shootings. Students don't need another speech. Because of speeches, and no action, some parents will never again feel the embrace of their child. Being shot at an educational institution should not be the price of admission to high school. Children should not have to worry about their safety at a school. They come to learn, not to die.


Some politicians say school shootings are the results of persons with mental illness. Tomorrow, they will say they are studying the situation , and in a week, they will say nothing at all, it will be forgotten and the status quo will return. In short, nothing will be done until the next shooting, and the next mental illness excuse will be re-echoed in the halls of Congress. In reality, mental illness is not the problem. Guns are the problem. Gun proliferation, easy gun access, gun culture, no meaningful gun back ground regulation, lack of effective gun control , and lobbyist money for some politicians is the problem.


You ask what could be done?. There are several things that can be done to impact the problem and save the lives of students. However, we must warn you, although we can suggest workable, effective solutions that will reduce gun violence, it will not be done by politicians in Washington. Some are in bed with the gun lobby, gun manufacturers, and gun advocates of business. Nothing will be done with the present members of Congress, but here are some suggestions to answer your question, "what can be done"? These things can be done when the present bed partners of the gun lobby are voted out of office:



Ban the AR-15 assault weapon: Its not a hunting rifle


1. Ban and restrict the sale of the AR-15 for civilian use

2.Require 30 days waiting period and investigation for purchase of any automatic weapon.

3.Require state and federal database registration with intensive expanded back ground checks.

4.Require AR15 or assault weapons not sold to persons under age 30 and written declaration why the weapon is needed.

5.Pass strong national gun control legislation for all firearms-no laws with fluff and loop hole

6.Pass and enforce national automatic weapons ban and high capacity ammunition laws

7.Pass universal legislation denying firearms sales to the mentally ill,violent or the unstable

8. Pass a "bump stock" law

9. Pass anti conversion gun laws

10. Require federal and state registration of all gun sales and untraceable gun parts on line and at shows

11. No purchase of firearms by anyone under the age of 21.

12. End the "straw man" gun purchase and ban or regulate the so-called "ghost gun"

13. Take away the license of gun dealers who violate gun laws or regulations.

14.Campaign against the AR 15 and general retailers who sale and support sale of the AR 15

15. Ask retailers and corporations not to accept advertisement for the AR 15 or assault weapons

16. Make 3 the maximum number of guns per household

17.Require 20 hours of gun safety education before issuing a a gun permit

18.Abolish laws that shield mfg. from suit or responsibility. (liability shield)

19. Reinstate the assault weapon ban immediately

20. Close all loopholes in laws related to guns and gun laws


Personnel: help, action, and desirable changes


1. No firearms of any type sold to any person under the age of 21 no exceptions

2. No fire arms sold to spouse abusers or mentally unbalanced persons

3. Suspension analysis and mental impact on all students suspended from school

4. Resource officer with extensive training and education in all schools

5. No armed classroom teachers--they are educators not police officers

6. Mass assault evasion training for teachers ,staff, and students

7.Increase programs for troubled students, bullies, isolated, different,and the friendless.

8. Do not elect or re-elect legislators who fail to publicly support and vote for sensible gun laws

9. Realize students lives are more important than campaign donation

10.Ask retailers to prohibit guns or open carry of guns in their businesses

11.Ask retailers not to support legislators who oppose strong gun laws

12. Hold two required anti gun violence assemblies for students each year

13. Include anti guns and domestic violence in the school curriculum where appropriate

14. Hold annual parents and teachers' meeting about guns and violence and the impact it has on students.

15. Vote out politicians who promote,advertise or support gun violence

16. challenge violent video gun games.

17. sue manufacturers who advocate using AR-15 as personal killing machines

18 Don't support business who advertise gun ads

19. Remove the profit motive, and self esteem factor from assault weapons

20.Vote out any politician who opposes gun reform or needed gun laws

21. Limit and strictly enforce places guns are allow

22. Ban all military style weapons sales to citizens


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