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Solutions for Student Discipline and Effective Classroom Management

Clemtec's I-AERI Strategies Helps Teachers and Students Achieve


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I-AERI is Clemtec's process of applying innovative discipline strategies to behavior and academics to advance student learning and correct behavior.



How I-AERI Manages, Prevents, and Solves Behavior Problems



Clemtec will:


1. Investigate the causes of disruptions or behavior

There are causes and reasons for students acting out


2. Analyze discipline needs and objectives

. We analyze your discipline needs through observation, data and interview


3. Evaluate and design strategies to solve problems

. We customize behavior strategies with evaluations, recommended actions,solutions, and time lines


4. Recommend behavior solutions for teachers and students

We provide behavior strategies to teachers, for students, and suggestions for parents


5. Implement problem prevention strategies, innovations, and success solutions

We implement behavior strategies,evaluations,goals, and facilitate their needs and adjustments




How I-AERI Work For Your Benefit


I-AERI system will:


1. Identify Environmental conditions that foster potential discipline problems

2. Alter unstable learning conditions to stable or controlled

3. Eliminate reoccurring behavior issues

4. Redirect negative attitudes and actions

5. Improve student-teacher communications

6. Teach students self behavior skills and testing for understanding and attitude change

7. Re-evaluate students learning style for maximum effect


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I-AERI Means Solutions to Problems

I-AERI provides teachers discipline strategies,

helps students overcome behavior problems,

help Schools with achievement goals

prepares students for 21st century leadership.