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Omicron Virus Delays Crowd Activities in 2022:

Events and School Visits Restart 2/1/22

Book our speakers for graduations, work shops, pod cast, events, and key addresses.


Clemtec crowd events, assemblies, and conferences are back on Schedule


Workshops, Debates and Speeches

  • Voter Suppression: A Political Debate
  • School Bullies: What We Can Do and Why
  • Punishment vs Discipline : A Different Culture
  • Critical Race Theory
  • Denial: The Attempt to Whitewash History
  • Female Bullies: A Look At Student Aggression
  • Bullying: Why Its Allowed to Spread in Schools
  • How Bullying Starts in Elementary Schools
  • Social Media Impact On School Students


Discussion Topics

  • How To Reduce School Dropouts
  • Police Culture: Myths, Morals, and Realities
  • Black Lives Matter: A Question of Justice
  • School Shootings: What We Can Do
  • Race: The Fearful Discussion
  • How Diversity Influences Education and Culture
  • Why Police Training Fails for Minorities

    Book our CEO for Speaker or Events.

    Motivation,-- School Addresses,-- Special Events,-- In-services,-- Workshops -- Discussions --Graduations

    Our CEO covers: --African American History --Boys In Crisis (males)

    Bullying --Identity Crisis --School Disruptions --Teaching Skills --Race Relations

    Gender and Education,-- Discipline --Administrative Behavior--Student Apathy


    Timely In Services Issues for 2022

    * Racial Injustice: The View of School Children

    * School Bullying: Children's Emotional Secret

    * The Redefining of American Democracy

    * LGBTQ : A New School Debate/Civil Rights

    *Social Media Misuse: A Rising Crime by Students

    * Immigrant Students: Americas' Step Children

    *Critical Race Theory 2022: Truth and Myths


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