"If you do not change the behavior and attitude of those you teach, you have no right to complain about their conduct or actions."-Dr. J .T. Clemons

About Clemtec

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The importance of classroom discipline:

Disruptive behavior changes the learning environment and stops education. Teachers with problem solving strategies and skills prevents classroom disruptions, applies appropriate solutions, motivates students, and education continues.

Who Is Clemtec

Clemtec is a discipline strategy and behavior solutions company specialized in developing and providing discipline strategies for teachers and educators whose skills and knowledge must solve classroom discipline problems.



What They Do

Clemtec develops strategies to stop, change, and prevent unwanted classroom problems. From analysis to recommendations to implementation, they solve discipline problems, and change learning environments so teachers can focus on teaching. They are committed to helping educators succeed and enrich the lives of students


How They Do It

They help teachers by designing clear effective strategies that reveals each teachers desire and purpose. Clemtec's signature I-AERI system is the foundation for innovations, behavior management, and discipline strategies. Their strategies changes attitudes,behaviors,and teaching and learning environment. They deliver effective strategies for the education of children.


When They Do It

Every day Clemtec help teachers transform their classroom environment to motivates students to positive behavior and academic excellence. They believe, "every child deserves an education, and every teacher deserves respect".



Why They Do It

In the 1960's,(see history) Clemtec's founder, a student at North Carolina Central University realized many middle school students he tutored were missing fundamentals of education. He wanted to change those shortcomings. He took action. See History



" Education should not only provide knowledge and change behavior, it should teach you how to think, and apply the tools of knowledge and skills of life for a successful future. Anything short of that could be called educational failure. it is criminal to give a man a book knowing he can't read,and no one intends to teach him"

-Dr. J T Clemons