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Voting restrictions and anti democracy acts angers voters.


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One basic element of a democratic society is the right to vote. One man one vote is a fundamental principle of democracy or is it? There are those who believe the country would function better if democratic principles no longer governed our lives. They believe a minority should rule the majority, and that minority should have fascist authority. They believe supreme authority should be in the hands of an autocrat. Democracy, and the people having power would be a thing of the past. The primary aim of this new anti democratic minority is to destroy the individual vote. This view is to assure that one of them remain in power and authority. This viewpoint is racist. Its objective is to control elections and voters. This is directed at voters who vote their own conscience. The fascist minority have decided that independent voting, and thinking must be restricted. They have specifically decided that voting by persons of color must be restricted or denied altogether.


This out of the closet point of view is not new. It has been simmering on the stove since the election of Barack Obama. Those who held "simmering Racism"were angry at the election of an African American president and they let it all out with the election of Donald Trump. He was their guy. He was one of them. He spoke their language, and he said the quiet part out loud. Racist at Charlottesville spewing vile offensive language about Jews, minorities, and persons of color were "good People" according to Trump. This was pure racist thinking, and that racism is displayed today in acts of suppression and stupidity.



There are many scientist, engineers, and brilliant people in the world, but there is one reality that even the brilliant must admit; you cannot explain, analyze, account for or fix stupidity. Merriam-Webster defines stupidity as the quality or state of being stupid. a stupid act or idea. Voter restrictions and suppression qualifies for Merriam Webster's definition. To restrict or suppress people from voting in a democracy in which people are guaranteed that right under their constitution completes the act of stupidity.


History is full of examples of people struggling to vote. It is a wash of persons of color fighting, suffering, and dying simply to vote. That same history is exploding with examples of acts of suppression, poll tax, literacy test, poll moving, voting date changes, grandfather clause, disqualifications, civil rights violations, and any act that assured voting for white men only,and a denial to persons of color. In spite of a multiplicity of racist acts of human abuse, restrictions, death, suffering, and suppression, the republicans are at it again. Republicans want persons of color to accept disenfranchisement, "shut up and dribble",accept injustice, forget black lives matter, and allow them to rule and destroy as if this were 1921 Tulsa and not 2021 any city USA. The right to vote shall not be denied or abridged, and many republicans would do well to realize it, embrace it, and get out of the way of persons of color.


Voters can no longer rely on the Supreme Court. They are no longer a just and fair player. They are open supporters of discriminatory and injustice voting practices coupled with a two-third white racist philosophy.


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