"Classroom discipline is necessary. We counsel students to understand their behavior and set responsibility as part of their behavior goal."





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A child's need is our priority

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Discipline and Education


The Need for Discipline

Disruptive conduct can stop the learning process. Unruly behavior can not be allowed, but it can be changed. A skilled teacher applies corrective strategies to end classroom disruptions, encourages learning, and a child's education continues.


A Child's (Student's) Need

A child's attitude and behavior can affects achievements. we change disruptive learning environments, and a child's behavior so teachers can focus on teaching. Proper behavior allows concentration on a teacher's primary goal - the education of children.


Education Makes A Difference

Children deserve an education regardless of circumstances of birth. Lack of knowledge breeds ignorance and poverty. Children do not deserve jail house education, early graves, poverty, or a life of crime.

We change classroom behavior and improve teaching and learning.

A child's need is our priority®


We instill integrity and confidence in every child.






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" You would not give a man who could not read, a gift of a book, unless you intended to teach him, likewise, do not discipline students without giving reasons and assuring their understanding of your action."

-Dr. J T Clemons