"Classroom discipline is necessary,we counsel students to understand their behavior and set a behavior goal of change."





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A child's need is our priority

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Overview of Discipline and Education


Educational Discipline

Discipline is a skill not a science. An environment for teaching and learning is essential in every classroom. A child's disruptive conduct can stop the learning process. Disruptive behavior can not be allowed, but it can be changed. A skilled teacher applies corrective strategies, prevents classroom disruptions, encourages learning, and a child's education continues.


A Child's (Student's) Need

A child's attitude and behavior affects achievements. we change a disruptive learning environment, and a child's behavior so teachers can focus on teaching. Proper behavior focuses a child's attention on the teacher's primary goal - the education of children.


Education Makes A Difference

We must insist on the best education for our children regardless of conditions of birth or behavior. We must change the culture, ignore the critics, and educate the children. Failed guidance, and limited knowledge breeds ignorance. Children do not deserve jail house educations, early graves, or a life of poverty or crime.


Clemtec was founded on the idea of a child's need and the goal of making a difference in the educational life of children. We modify behavior,provide corrective strategies, and change classroom environment to improve learning for children. We help students regardless of social status, race, gender, religion or place of origin.

A child's need is our priority®


We instill integrity,compassion, and confidence in every child.






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" You would not give a man who could not read, a book, unless you intended to teach him, likewise, do not discipline students without giving reasons and assuring their understanding of your action."

-Dr. J T Clemons