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Professor: Solve My Problem, Fix My Issue


writing testimony January, 2022


Dear Professor: I have a student who is always absent on test day. He returns the next day to take the test. He sometimes has a note from his parents requesting he take the missed test. I have to give him a chance to take the test according to school policy. I don't think his taking the same test the day after is fair to the other students. Solve my problem, fix my issue.


The Fix point: A student taking the same test the day after is not fair to other students. It gives him more time and possible test communication with classmates. A student who is absent only on test day calls for further investigation. The fix. In a parent, teacher conference point out his attendance, and document his request for testing the day after. If you must give the student a test via school policy "flip the scrip", Give him the test the day before. Example if the announced test is scheduled for the 17th let him take his test on the 16th. (a day he is in school) The real fix would be to give him a different test on the same information cover. Students talk, and it is reasonable to think he asked his classmates about the test. It is always better to give students a different test on the same information but not the identical test.



Thank you for providing such a valuable service to our school district. Your staff was innovative and extremely resourceful. I am so happy with the outcome my school and students received from Clemtec. I wish all businesses would treat their customers as professionally and respectfully as you. The decline in disciplinary problems in this building is unbelievable. I will be sure to recommend you to all my colleagues. Thanks again for your help.







The children at Brimfield were moved and motivated with your inspirational speech entitled, "The Value of Education". They were even more awed to learn you are the teacher in Hard Mr."C".







The motivational speakers from your company were simply amazing. Teachers and staff are reporting remarkable changes in student attitude and behavior. Even parents have called to request we have a speaker from your company annually.







The motivational speech you gave on "Southern Mothers" is still inspiring our staff. The relationship you made between southern mothers and child discipline is one that still has our entire staff singing your praises. Some of our teachers have passed on your ideas to parents and received positive results.







My son changed and graduated. I had my doubts at first. Thanks the Lord, he listened. Your program really works.