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Solutions for Student Discipline and Effective Classroom Management

All Is Well If Students Are Disciplined and Well Behaved,

but When They are Bullies and Unruly, What Do You Do ?

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Clemtec's I-AERI system solves and prevents sudden behavior problems for teachers and unruly students.


Disruption happens instantly. School shootings, behavior problems or a violent act occurs in schools often without warning. Respect disappears, guns enter schools, and yesterday's order becomes today's disorder. Old strategies are outdated and ignored by today's disruptive student. Unless you employ preventive measures and innovations,you will see disruptions, violence, and behavior problems in your school. Implement prevention strategies now, and insure the environment is always about teaching and learning. Make sure expanding minds and student growth is the only thing happening in your school.




Discover I-AERI benefits:


  • * Decrease Student Failure
  • * Ends Unwanted Behavior
  • * Reduce Student Bullying
  • * Stop Potential School Dropouts
  • * Ends Stress and Hassle
  • * Motivate and Energize Students
  • * Create Positive Learning Environment
  • * Change Negative Attitudes
  • * Increase Respect and Communication



Classroom Benefits:


  • * Restore classroom order
  • * Stop disruptive behavior
  • * Improve learning environment
  • * Inspire academic success
  • * Motivate difficult students
  • * Improve school attendance
  • * Promote dignity and respect




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