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Some Students in School Without Vaccination or Masks. Omicron Variant a Serious Threat


QUESTION : " I live in a state in which politicians, many public officials , and some school personnel have lost their minds. I am a parent with two children returning to school in a state in which there is too much anti mask, anti vaccination, anti common sense, with high Covid variant and no official will speak out or take appropriate safety precautions. School is open, and teachers and school officials as well a students, are not required to mask or get vaccinated . What do you think of schools and officials that do not lead in Covid safety precautions and common sense for children?"


ANSWER : No. students, teachers, or school officials should be in school without the maximum protection possible in that school district. No teacher should be allowed in the classroom, or teach any child unless fully vaccinated. This should be required by all states and for every teacher. If teachers refuse the necessity of protecting themselves, the children they teach, and the community at large, they should withdraw from the teaching profession. Politics and foolishness have no business in the education of children. If politicians and ill advised local leaders spout foolish theories, disinformation, and ideas dangerous to the welfare of children and the public good; they should resign,withdraw, and find another type of employment.


Children are our future. If persons in leadership or responsible positions cannot make sane, intelligent decisions, that affect children, and promote sound education, they serve no value .The protection and education of children is not about politics, theories, or false belief. It is about one of the simplistic principles of education. Every child deserves an education. That education should be free from disruptions, political insanity,dangerous health factors, and injustice.


Parents should not have to worry if their children are going to be safe in school, or infected by a virus because some one refuses to be vaccinated, or wear a mask. Children are required to be vaccinated before enrolling in school. Teachers should be required to be vaccinated before teaching school, particularly during a pandemic. Some politicians are daily misinforming the public and preventing responsible agencies from taking steps to protect the public. Parents should not listen to, or follow any leader who puts the life and welfare of children at risk for the sake of their own political ambition. Unfortunately, you cannot fix stupid, but you can vote it out of office.



Parents must reject politicians and officials who major in high level stupidity. They failed classes in common decency, general welfare and the life and well being of its citizens. When parents have to sue governors because some governors decree or have legislation banning institutions from mandating masks or vaccinations, those governors are telling parents loud and clear, their child's life or health does not matter to them. Politicians and school officials who do not lead in health, safety, and the education of children should update their resume immediately for their next position. Masks and vaccinations should be required, and mandated wherever it is necessary for the protection of children and public safety. No exceptions



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-Dr. J T Clemons