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Flu, Long Covid, Coughing, and Returning Childhood Diseases Concern Parents


QUESTION : I am a resident of a state in which many public officials, and some school personnel have lost the sense I hope they had. I am a parent, with two children in a state in which there is too much politics and anti common sense. We have had an out break of Covid, flu, and childhood diseases in the schools and not one word of precaution has come from public or school officials. With flu, long Covid, childhood disease returning no official will speak out on safety precautions at school .What is wrong with public officials who do not lead in "common sense for citizens?"


ANSWER : No. child should be in school without the maximum protection in that school district. Likewise public official should not have to be told to provide the public with warnings of health dangers ,particularly in schools. Politics and foolishness have no business in the education of children. If politicians and ill advised local leaders spout foolish theories, disinformation, and ideas dangerous to the welfare of children and the public good; they should resign, and find another type of employment.


Children are our future. If persons in leadership or responsible positions cannot make sane, intelligent decisions, that affect children,health, and promote sound education, they serve no value .The protection and education of children is not about politics, theories, or false belief. It is about one of the simplistic principles of education. "Every child deserves an education". Education should be free from disruptions, political insanity,dangerous health factors, and injustice.


Parents must reject officials who major in high level stupidity. They failed classes in common decency, general welfare and the life and well being of its citizens. Politicians and school officials who do not lead in health, safety, and the education of children should update their resume immediately for their next job search. No exceptions



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" Education should not only change behavior, it should teach you how to think, and apply the tools of knowledge and life for a successful future. Anything short of that could be called educational failure."

-Dr. J T Clemons