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Do what you must in the classroom, but teach the children first.

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Clemtec's I-AERI System ended our unruly behavior, and changed our disruptive behavior to learning and achievement

"I-AERI" System Changes Student's Behavior.

Helps Students Understand Themselves, Control Their Actions

And Manage Their Conduct. I-AERI provides behavior changes you can see, and results you can't stop talking about

“Stop bullying ! Aggression is a 'learned' behavior, not a condition of birth."

Questions Students Ask

"Discipline is not demanding students obey you, but teaching them to command respect for themselves"

-Dr. J T Clemons


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Teacher's Viewpoint

Student's Confession

Parent's Testimony

" I-AERI strategies made a difference in my classroom"



Learn overview ,and events.


"Clemtec changed my attitude and behavior, and I stop skipping classes."
















" My daughter changed, graduated,and is now in college because of Clemtec's help."