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Bullying Database: Factual Data On Bullying


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Bullying Help and Facts For Teachers, Parents, Students, and Counselors



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Item 1 -December 2017 "Who is a bully and what is bullying"

Item 2-Feburary 2018 "What is verbal bullying?"

Item 3- April 2018 " Cyber bullying "

Item 4-June 2018 "How to handle cyber bullying "

Item 5-August 2018 "How to recognize bullied children"

Item 6 October 2018 " 5 Things To Do If Your Child Is Being Bullied"

Item 7 December 2018 " What To Do If Your Child Is A Bully,Even a Girl"

Item 8 February 2019 "Aggression With a Smile-The Female Bully

Item 9 April 2019 "Social and Cyber Bullying"

Item 10 June " The Teacher's Role With School Bullies"

Item 11 September 2019 "How to Handle Discipline"

Item 12 November 2019 "Stop School Bullying Message

Item 13 February 2020 "Cyber bullying and Suicide"

Item 14 May 2020 "Bully Secret"

Item 17 February 2021











Bullies and school bullying is a serious problem. All schools need extensive information and realistic solutions to resolve this national shame. Bullying is painful. It is a persistent unwanted aggressive act, stopping it is a solution.