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Schooler, "The Mule With a Diploma"

He Stayed In School !


what about you?

What Does Schooler Say to Students?

" Be Wise, Stay In School!"



Schooler Got His Diploma!

Even if you call it "mule sense,"

it pays to stay in school.


No one has all the sense, but we have more sense than a mule. Even one who stayed in school. Schooler the mule got his diploma. What about you?



Q: What did schooler say that helped students?

“You can call Schooler stubborn, but he was smart enough to stay in school and get his diploma "


Q: How stubborn is schooler the mule?



A: Stubborn enough to advise you to stay in school

No matter who you are, where you come from, or what you look like, education will add value to your life"

-Dr. J T Clemons

Schooler the mule went to school. He knew school would give him a better life. He didn't like the expression, "as stubborn as a mule"


schooler the mule Going to school beats pulling a cart around all day. Those empty ones make a lot of "noise"but have nothing of value

schooler with diploma

This was the best decision I ever made. I got my diploma. Mama and Papa are so proud. No more pulling empty carts all day.


Schooler's Teacher

Don't judge anyone by looks, hidden talent and wisdom will amaze you



Schooler Himself

I didn't always want to go to school. I was the only mule in school. The kids laugh so hard the first day, I started to leave and never come back. But I was stubborn. I stayed in school!.





Schooler's Parents

Our offspring is different. He's a four legged mule, but we still made him go to school. He got his diploma.