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Clemtec, NA

" Lack of discipline and conduct is not limited to our shores. Disruptive students can be found in classrooms throughout the world. The solution to discipline problems is how you change behaviors, and are the results successful and permanent" -jtc

Wherever there is a student's need, we have a solution



"Discipline problems exist globally, and discipline strategies must work anywhere" - J T Clemons




We provide educational services to our neighbors North and South of the USA


Clemtec provides educational services outside the USA. Use this format only if you are requesting educational and behavior services in parts of North America outside the USA. Request for services outside the USA must be made early for possible scheduling. ( A four months minimum advance request for scheduling is required for all International commencement addresses)


International Clients Only


Clemtec International

Corporate Office

Required Information

Full Name

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Service Requested

Date(s) requested for service

School name

School website

School physical address

School phone number and code

Request for speaker or discipline services

Brief summary of discipline problem

Service recipient: Individual, classroom, school building , or school system

Reasons for selecting our company

Full name of superintendent and complete contact information

Full name and title of individual(s) authorized to sign school contractual agreements

How did you find out about us?

Specific change you desire

Unique fact about your school

General academic standing of your school


No Clemtec International services are available from June 1 to August 15 each year



This page is for educational services requested by schools, firms, or organizations outside the USA. All others should use the contact page. Send information to corporate @, or send all mail to our Office of Communication in Hampton Roads Virginia in the USA.